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25 Januari 2024





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Tarikh Kemaskini: 29 Nov 2023
Garis Panduan JPS untuk Aduan Awam
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( Our Message )

The Department of Irrigation and Drainage aspires to be a world-class organisation by the year 2010 and is committed to an excellence work culture focusing on continuous improvement towards customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide excellent services in the development and management of irrigation, drainage, river, coastal zone, hydrology and water resources, contributing towards advancement in agriculture, uplifting of quality of life and conservation of environment for sustainable national development.

Your feedback to us, be it a complaint, request, suggestion, comment and observation, will be much appreciated and taken seriously as it will definitely be valuable and helpful in our effort to continually improve our services to all our customers. We believe in doing the right thing and doing it right. But we do recognise things can go wrong at times and your timely feedback will keep us on track towards our aspiration and commitment. We will do what we can to put things right and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Your recognition and appreciation of our services rendered will also help us to gauge how far we have achieved toward customer satisfaction. Your pat at our back will also help to confirm that we are doing the right thing and doing it well. It will also help to boost the morale of our staff.

HOW TO DO IT? AND WHAT WE WILL DO? ( Our process and procedure )

  • You can feed back to us your complaint, request, suggestion, comment or observation in writing, through telephone, e-mail, our homepage in internet, in newspapers or in person at our offices. We will convey your feedback to the person who is best able to deal with it.

  • Within 10 working days ( allowing 4 working days for postal delivery ) upon receiving your feedback we will send you an acknowledgement of the feedback, which will also inform you of the person, his telephone, e-mail and office address, who is dealing with your feedback. In the same acknowledgement you will be informed of the initial estimation of time required for us to investigate and give you a satisfactory reply. You will also be informed of a senior officer and his office address to contact if you are not satisfied with the reply of the person mentioned above.

  • This person will reply to your complaint or request within the stipulated time, or if this is going to take longer due to the nature of the matter, he will write to you and let you know when you will get a reply.

  • If you are not satisfied with the reply, contact the senior officer mentioned in the acknowledgement and give your point of view about your dissatisfaction. The senior officer will examine it once more and give you a reply within a stipulated time.

  • If you remain dissatisfied with the second reply, contact our Head Office in Kota Kinabalu, this time involving the attention of the Director of our Department. We will re-examine it and reply to you within a stipulated time. We really feel very sorry that we have caused you so much trouble to come to this stage.

  • However if you are still not happy with the reply at this stage you can forward it to the State Bureau of Public Complaint which is another organisation entrusted to look into any complaint about government organisations on your behalf. They can be contacted at :-

    Pengarah, Biro Pengaduan Awam Negeri,
    Jabatan Ketua Menteri,

    Bangunan Wisma MUIS,
    Blok B, Tingkat 3,
    Beg Berkunci No.26,
    88992 KOTA KINABALU,
    Tel: 088-218731
    No. Faks : 088-261015
    E-mail :

  • If you are satisfied with the reply, please do drop us a line to tell us.

    Submit your complaint form to DID now



    WHAT TO EXPECT? ( Our performance standard )

  • We will give you an acknowledgement upon receiving your feedback. Our target is that you will receive he acknowledgement within 10 working days (allowing 4 working days for postal delivery).

  • We will take your feedback seriously, carry out a thorough investigation and do all we can to give you a satisfactory reply within the stipulated time of 24 working days. Our target is that you will not have to go to the next stage.

  • If the above stipulated time could not be met due to the nature of feedback that requires more time for investigation, the person handling your feedback will inform you the new date of getting our reply. Our target is that you will get the reply within the new date set.

  • On receiving indication from you that you are not satisfied with the first reply, our target is that we will give you a second reply within 14 working days from our senior officer and you will not have to go to the next stage.

  • If you are still not satisfied with our second reply, our target is that you will get the reply within 10 working days from the top most man in charge in our organisation i.e. our Director, and our target is that you will not have to go to the State Bureau of Public Complaint.

WHAT WE EXPECT? ( Our performance indicator )

  • You will be our best judge of our performance and we will appreciate very much if you can let us know whether or not you are satisfied with our reply.

  • We are determined and committed to our belief in continuous improvement for customer satisfaction and together with your help in giving us feedback, we expect to see the following changes in the feedback from you :-

    (i) reducing the cases of complaint and our target is zero complaint;

    (ii) increasing the cases of suggestion/comment/observation for improvement and our target is continuous feedback; and

    (iii) increasing the cases of compliments/appreciation and our target is continuous feedback.


Feedback/Complaint Online> through DID Homepage, telephone or write to Our Offices, the address and telephone nos. of which can be found at our Contact Information page at DID Homepage.

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