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Tarikh Kemaskini: 30 Jun 2023
Hidrologi & Ukur > Mengenai kami > Pembekalan Data Hidrologi
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Application for hydrological data can be directed to:

Assistant Director
Hydrology and Survey Section
Department of Irrigation and Drainage
Lorong Burung Keleto
89350, Inanam, Kota Kinabalu.
Fax: 088-432780
Email: Margaret.Chong@sabah.gov.my

For any enquiries regarding application for hydrological data please contact Mohd. Rizal bin Abd. Ghani ( Telephone No: 088-430689, Fax: 088-432780, Email: Mohd.Rizal.AbdGhani@sabah.gov.my). All users are requested to fill in the appropriate forms. The forms (Form DI.1) or (Form DI.2). Applicants can either fax the appropriate completed form to the above address or send it via E-mail. It is recommended that the applicant refers to our station inventory in order to determine the stations and period of data availability required during the process of filling-up the form. In the event that the application is approved, the applicant must agree to comply with the terms and conditions imposed for the use of the data as stated in the application form for the Government/Academic Research Project or for Private Project.

In general, the Department is authorized to charge the applicants except for the Government projects, research and academic purposes. For private purposes there are some charges involved (Fees Ordinance 1966). Such fees are to cover part of the cost on the use of computer time and printing materials. Users are advised to bring 3.5 inch diskettes as the storage media for soft copy of the data.

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